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connecting the world with the traditions of Ukrainian sustainable organic
walnut gathering

We are creating a community of the most sustainable ethically sourced organic walnuts 

The long and widespread tradition of sustainable and organic walnuts growing by Ukrainian families, favored by the ideal climatic conditions, made Ukraine the largest producer of walnuts in Europe, without having industrial orchards on a large scale.

99% of the harvest comes from very “small agricultural producers”:

  • Household gardens - each family traditionally owns some Juglans Regia trees in their home garden. Given the strength and consistency of this tradition, almost any Ukrainian family living outside a large town can be defined as "a very small producer of walnuts".

  • Wild trees - Family collection in the forests and roadsides.

What makes our walnuts sustainable?

Not perfect to look at but truly sustainable

The variations in color shades on the already selected product are seen as a guarantee of origin from a natural environment, not controlled and modified by man in order to force cultivation.


Social Impact

Ukrainian walnuts are looked after, collected and hand cracked by low-income people (mainly by women) in rural areas. 


Higher content of healthy unsaturated oils

Ukrainian walnuts have on average a higher content of healthy unsaturated oils (Omega 3) than cultivated walnuts. 


Preserving water

Only rainwater is used for irrigation. Ideal climatic conditions and fertile soil permit the  trees to be self-sufficient


Total absence of  pesticides

Pesticides are not used, as the Ukrainian family mainly produces for their own consumption, thus preferring a healthy product without chemical residues and bringing only the surplus of the harvest to the market.



The opposite of commercial orchard-grown "industrial" production. Slow production with respect to the environment. 

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